Minutes of Thursday September 18, 2014


Call for a meeting
Poem by Rumi: You are not a drop in the Ocean,
You are the entire ocean, in a drop.

Welcome all and name tags at door.
Announcing this years officers.
Nenita Roy Past president and current treasurer announced the increase of members and award given to the alliance, collected dues.
$110 with $50 national, $40 local and $20 state. $5 hostess fund.
2014-2015 Events and Dates of the Alliance
All members in attendance introduced themselves and New Members welcomed to our community. Members were encouraged to pay dues and a raffle was done to all paid members with Lesley Moran winning the Gift Certificate drawn by Mrs. Guillory our Hostess.
Lunch served by all members
Thanks to Jo Earle Guillory with a gift from the Alliance


In attendance:
JoEarle Guillory
*Adrienne Dole
Peggy Wilson
Amy Norton
Sumeira Huda
Sandy Patton
*Nenita Roy
*Shelley Kaplan
Haiyan Liu
Pat Texada
Lesley Moran
*Rosemary Walton
Elizabeth Morrison
*Lea Miguez
Paulette Aucoin
Joanne Rice
Erin Ardoin
Kellie Saccaro
*Maryetta Mansour
Leena Shbeeb
Erum Ahmed
Denise Marzullo
*Sue Younes
Farheen Irshad
Tina Gad
Krista Redmond
Vicki Redmond
Eliane Abi-Rached
Gail Smith* Current or Past Presidents